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Amanat Holdings

95-34 92nd St, Ozone Park, NY 11417

95-34 92nd St, Ozone Park, NY 11417

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Primary address 95-34 92nd St
Zip code 11416
Neighborhood Ozone Park
Borough Queens
Block & lot 09031-0021

Property Taxes
Tax class 1
Property tax $6,017
Property tax tentative $6,378

Lot sqft 1,650
Lot dimensions 16.5 ft x 100 ft
Ground elevation 27 ft
Corner lot No

Zoning districts R5
Zoning map 18a

Building class Two Family Brick (B1)
Square feet 1,668
Building dimensions 16 ft x 60 ft
Buildings on lot 1
Stories 2
Roof height 32 ft
Year built 1920
Proximity Attached
Structure type Row
Construction type Brick
Grade C
Exterior wall Brick/masonary
Exterior condition Average
Basement type Full
Basement grade Below grade

Residential units (DOF) 2
Residential sqft 1,668
Average residential unit size 834

Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
Residential FAR 1.25
Facility FAR 2
FAR as built 1.01
Maximum usable floor area 2,062
Usable floor area as built 1,666
Unused FAR 396

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